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  • Tartlets Platter

  • Classic Bars Platter

Dessert Platters

In our pastry kitchen, we make everything fresh, with great ingredients and lots of passion—from award-winning cookies and bars to exquisite tarts and galettes to cupcakes, fancy little finger cakes and grand cakes of every kind (yes, wedding cakes too). 

Mini Teacakes Platter ~ $85

Delicate little cakes, perfect for dessert or with tea. Includes:

  • Brown butter almond cake with raspberries (V, GF)
  • Bittersweet chocolate (Vegan, DF)
  • Sesame orange teacake (V)
Priced per platter (24 two-inch teacakes)

Mini Custard Platter ~ $95

Options for: Vegetarian

Cool, creamy and indulgent, these dessert cups are the perfect little finish. Includes:

  • Buttermilk panna cotta with seasonal fruit gelee
  • Chocolate pot de creme with whipped cream
Priced per platter (18 cups)

Cupcake Platter ~ $90

Options for: Vegetarian

An assortment of lovely cupcakes to make everyone happy. Includes:

  • Chocolate-chocolate cupcakes
  • Vanilla-yellow cupcakes
  • Monthly cupcake special
Priced per platter (18 cupcakes)

Cookie Bliss Platter ~ $50

Options for: Gluten Free, Vegetarian

A scrumptious selection of Market Hall Bakery's most popular, joy-generating cookies: 

  • Classic chocolate chip cookies (V)
  • Jam-filled thumbprint cookies (V)
  • Ricciarelli almond cookies (V, GF)
  • Oatmeal raisin cookies (V)
Priced per platter (24 cookies)

Tartlets Platter ~ $85

Options for: Vegetarian

Exquisite individual-sized tartlets made of buttery pâte brisée with three different fillings. Fillings include:

  • Almond frangipane with seasonal fruit
  • Vanilla custard with fresh fruit
  • Vanilla custard with berries
Priced per platter (18 two-inch tartlets)

Classic Bars Platter ~ $65

Options for: Vegan, Vegetarian

Our most-hankered-for dessert bars, cut into made-for-nibbling triangles. Includes:

  • Chocolate salted caramel bars (V)
  • Chocolate brownies (Vegan, DF)
Priced per platter (40 pieces)
Did you know our favorite color is green?
All of our platters, bowls and tableware (plates, flatware, deli containers, napkins and cups) are compostable. Our serveware (plastic serving utensils) is fully recyclable.
Special diets?
We are happy to suggest whole grain and whole wheat options; low-fat, non-fat and alternative milks; vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and paleo menus; and lighter portions and desserts.